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How I came to Find EFT?

In the past year, and really more than half of my life, I have been studying the art of manifestation and creating my perfect life. In order to create manifest attract or even take actions and make choices towards a goal, you need to have positive feelings and imagine yourself having it etc. Through out my life I have been able to do some big things by doing this work, but eventually my fears, negative beliefs resentments bad past experiences resurface and I fall back into old patterns of lack and self doubt. We spend a lot of time on affirmations and dreaming about all we want to feel but 85 percent of our thoughts are unconscious and negative feelings, beliefs, and fears about what we want to create will stop that intention. Basically, affirmations are like putting yummy whip cream and cherry on top of a shit sunday. I can’t pretend that don’t have some serious strong beliefs that although do not completely hold me back, they definitely flavor my actions and results.

One day in my office, after another round of affirmations, calling out to my higher power, how I can heal, create abundance, be free from this fear and instability. Begging, calling out, surrendering to the possibility that maybe I am meant to go backwards financially after making a big painful scary change in my life. It’s been slower than it has in the past two years ironically right after I take a leap of faith and more than double my normal living expenses. I looked at a flyer that someone slid under the door. Someone was offering EFT.

A light went off.

Now, It always did feel a little ridiculous to me, repeating out loud what’s wrong and that “I love and accept myself anyway?”. So silly . Why would the answer be so easy and free? Everything you need to know about EFT is free, and it has been since I first was told about it almost 20 years ago.

But, Um, wait a minute,

  1. I am an acupuncturist, I already do similar work with my patients, I have known how to do EFT since I was studying acupuncture.

  2. Ive been wanting to change my business to both body work but to expand on the life coaching spiritual coaching that fulfills me. When they are open, I give my patients homework, and try to give my patients skills that they can take home and do that anytime to heal themsleves and do their own work. With tapping, they can take control of their own feelings and stuck patterns, blocks and emotion that are holding them back from healing.

EFT tapping is a body-centric therapy that combines elements of cognitive and exposure therapy you may already use, with light pressure on acupoints. Tapping is a way to take the charge out of those thoughts and experiences so the feelings and images when you imagine yourself healed, relieved, in love, abundant can be the goal for your brain to strive to reach.

In my practice, I find that doing acupuncture and acupressure points while talking about something that got up emotional charge or a bad memory or a trauma. Acupuncture uses needles on these points, to release stuck, stagnant energy and rebalance the system; acupressure uses finger pressure. EFT has been called a

psychological version of acupuncture, as the simple process of tapping certain acupoints while focusing on an emotional upset has the effect of releasing the intense charge of troubling emotions. Take the charge out of the experience and help somebody feel better about it.

But, keeping the faith, although mixed with deep fear and doubt, I am trusting that being slow was probably the perfect place that I needed to be. The cool thing is that, If it weren’t slow, how could I have had the time to obsess and learn everything I could about EFT, add time onto my clients sessions to practice with them? I also would have never called out with passion and desperateness for answers.

The message to practice and teach EFT came loud and clear, and I hit the books and the classes, remembering, relearning, letting go of my disbelief and judgement and most important using it on myself again and my patients.

I am currently practicing on whomever wants to add the extra time to their treatments and eventually it will be a normal part of my practice. Please Call, Email or Text me if you would like to schedule a treatment with a complimentary EFT session and homework.

(860) 709-1131

EFT Manual

Here are few links to some research and the last link is to your own search because there are many more.

Or to do your own search on research go to this link

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